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Beauty Gratefulness

Chimney Tops

A finch sat on the chimney top this morning waving his song courageously loud. LOUD – as in the whole neighborhood could hear it! Perhaps if I sat on chimney tops I would also feel courageous? Or is it this, the song (the EXPLOSION of…

June 17, 2016
Beauty Poetry

Little Wren

Why do you sing so freely little wren? As if there are no worries. If you never fear the rain or wind could it be you are right – the song is always the right choice for the living?…

May 25, 2016
Awe Beauty Human Awesomeness


  I once heard someone say, “Moments are all we have…” and I’ve been rolling it over and over in my mind since. A moment, a space, a tiny box of time handed to me over, and over, and over, and over. A moment…

April 18, 2016
Beauty Today!


It’s alright… the rocky feel of FOLD, the days that don’t go as TOLD.   The way life seems to spin and drop, the ups and downs that pile on top… of days and weeks, on minutes and hours… I want all sunshine and…

March 19, 2016