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Living Intentionally Personal Growth

Releasing the Drops

I walked into sunshine this morning and hung the porch carpet, heavy with raindrops on the old porch rail. Drips immediately clustered and fell by the hundreds, releasing the carpet from the prison of their weightiness. I stood and watched, and wondered, “How can…

June 10, 2016
Living Intentionally Personal Growth

Dead Sea

The dead sea is dead because the water flows in, but never out. More and more is collected but it simply sits and stagnates. And, weirdly enough, the dead sea is even shrinking! Collect. Collect. Collect. Keep. Shrink. Obviously this doesn’t work well. To thrive there needs…

March 4, 2016
Living Intentionally Personal Growth

The I’ms

Something I have found fascinating for a while is this: we believe whatever we say about ourselves on a regular basis. And when we believe it, we also act it out. For example, if I’m constantly declaring myself to be shy, “I’m shy,” I…

January 15, 2016
Personal Growth


I get asked by a lot of moms about balance. “How do you balance all the things?” “I don’t have the time to write, or blog, or paint like you do because of the kids and our schedule.” The truth is, I don’t either. The…

January 11, 2016
Living Intentionally Personal Growth

If You Wanted To…

If you wanted to be brave, what would you stop doing and what would you start doing? If you wanted to be awe-filled, what would you notice, and what would you take time for? If you wanted to be encouraged, what would you decide to…

January 1, 2016
Personal Growth

Are You Interesting Enough?

What’s interesting about interesting people is how much they are interested. They listen, they are curious about you and about life, they notice things and try things. They want to know, “Why did that work?” and “How does that make you feel?” They don’t…

October 26, 2015
Living Intentionally Personal Growth

The Wound

Perhaps someone said something mean about what you were creating, or, someone you loved simply didn’t pay attention. It made what you were creating feel worthless, pointless, childish, dumb. Now you’ve hidden that part away. Set it as far away as humanly possible. The…

October 9, 2015
Living Intentionally Personal Growth

Permission to Move

We really just want permission in order to move don’t we? Am I doing the right thing? Is it ok to decide I WANT something and go for it? What if this doesn’t work? The problem with the permission slip is it also give us…

September 26, 2015
Personal Growth

Welcome to Wholehearted Human!

Like I said in my most recent post, I re-branded rise 365, and you are now entering a new phase, and a new site – YIPEEEE!! The new name is Wholehearted Human, and it is about getting unstuck, doing brave things, and creating a life you…

August 20, 2015
Personal Growth

Taker vs. Giver

* This is a post I never would have written 9 years ago. At that point in my life I was sick, depressed, and thought the problem was with everyone else. Thankfully, I have been shown a different way, and it has radically changed…

August 11, 2015