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Personal Growth

Personal Growth

The Shy Creative

Why are we so shy of our art (that thing that we care about)? Shy of claiming it’s brilliance and impact, unwilling to admit that it BURNS in us and LONGS to be taken seriously. It’s a HOBBY, a side venture (at least this is…

July 25, 2015
Personal Growth

A Story of Two Obituaries

A white haired woman sits hunched over a desk holding two pieces of paper. Her breath is labored, her heart beats fast, too fast. Her time is near. My Obituary #1, and My Obituary #2 are scribbled in black ink on the pages which…

July 16, 2015
Personal Growth

A Picture of the Rant

This is the ranting that goes on in our heads whenever we do anything different or brave! It’s never easy to fight the head game, but I’ve learned fear only needs a wave of hello, not our hearts, or our ideas. You look, acknowledge,…

July 3, 2015
Personal Growth

Two Lifechanging Words From Seth Godin

Years ago, I heard an interview with Seth Godin where he was talking about how to approach projects. He said two words that completely changed my life… 1. Simple 2. Scary The idea he presented was this: Keep your projects simple enough that you can get them off…

May 25, 2015
Personal Growth

Every Fluff Flies

Dandelions are really, really good at spreading. They each develop fluffy, irresistible heads that shatter into a thousand parachutes and waltz off into the wind. Perfectly suited for sailing on the breeze, they twist and swing until they reach earth again. Predictably, not all of the…

May 11, 2015
Personal Growth

Whirlpool Nautics

Life is full of whirlpools. You know the feeling. Life’s waters spin and we get twisted and twirled. A new baby, a move, a death, a new job, an illness etc. Life starts rotating at an incredible speed and when the water finally settles we…

April 15, 2015
Personal Growth

Who Do You SEE?

When you look in the mirror, WHO do you SEE? Do you see someone who is confident and excited about the life ahead of you? Or do you see someone who is tired, discouraged, frustrated, and angry? Do you see a man who hurts people…

March 28, 2015
Personal Growth

We’re Looking at the Wrong Stuff!

I’ve heard most of us look at our phones over 100 times a day. All this endless looking at stuff momentarily fills a void doesn’t it? Somedays I feel it too. This restlessness, this covering over. Why? Sometimes it’s habit, but many times we…

March 11, 2015