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The Lighter Side: 3 Crazy Business Ideas

Stumped for ideas for your make-it-big business? These 3 businesses should help get the juices flowing. 1. The Million Dollar Homepage Alex Tew created a homepage and decided to sell 1 million pixels at a dollar a piece. He got a ton of press and…

August 4, 2012

Perspective Trumps Again

“For what you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing: it also depends on what sort of person you are.” – C. S. Lewis “The Magicians Nephew” I started off my day tired and grumpy. I decided to write…

August 3, 2012

Month In Review For July 2012

We had another exciting month and are now into the final third of the summer. We continue to push forward towards the dreams and the vision we have for our future! I trust you are doing the same. Some of what we’ve been up…

August 2, 2012

Going Undercover At Lowe’s

This morning, I did some mystery shopping. Two different Lowe’s stores were on my list. Mystery shopping, by the way, is great because it gets a mother and her child out of the house and on a mission. Plus, it pays you to do…

August 1, 2012

Watch Your Coffee

I once heard Tony Robbins talk about a concept that I have since found very interesting. He termed it, “Watch your coffee.” What he was referring to is very similar to the verse in proverbs where we are instructed to “guard our hearts.” The…

July 31, 2012

Not Putting Up With The Crap Anymore

Recently, I recognized something in my own life that needs to change. It’s something that I’ve been aware of for quite some time now, but I haven’t really done anything about. Claudia’s been aware of it too as it directly involves her. It’s one…

July 30, 2012

Do You Know What Your Strengths Are?

Michael and I talk a lot about the DISC personality profile (affiliate link). We do this because it changed our lives and our marriage, so we can’t help but talk about it! Next on my list is to take the StrengthFinder 2.0 test (affiliate link). Michael has already done this.…

July 27, 2012

But The Future Is So Pretty!

Today was an interesting day. Jude and I went out to do a mystery shopping job, which was a new experiment for us. It gets us out of the house and brings in some extra money. That is a win in my book. After our…

July 26, 2012