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Change it up

May 2, 2014


Yesterday, I was talking to Michael about a parenting struggle I was having and I asked for his thoughts on the subject. His response was refreshing (as it so often is). He suggested changing up my approach and trying something new.

Those words were a wonderful reminder for me.

Sometimes things are so close to our hearts we have a hard time realizing when we are in a rut. We loose all track of time and common sense and we just keep thinking what we are doing SHOULD work, so we just keep doing it.

How very helpful it was to to be reminded of this fact: change is not only refreshing but also necessary in ALL areas of life!

And just because we think something SHOULD be working doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work, or that it is even the best approach.

Many times we simply need to change it up and try something new and a breakthrough will come.

Is there an area of your life in which you need to be open to change? How could you approach your challenge from a new angle? I would love to hear your thoughts!

photo credit: Claudia Good

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