This site used to be Rise365.com! My husband and I wrote here together for 3 years. All of our posts are still on this site! BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

Some interesting things about me:

I have a college degree in equine studies (horses!) and managed an eventing barn for 2 years

I’m really good at awkward hand poses in pictures! 😉

I grew up in the country and one of my favorite memories is falling asleep to the sound of my amish neighbors baling hay

I am one of 7 kids and my husband is one of 8. Family get togethers are large and loud 😉

I started my first business at 12 years old, raising and selling parakeets. At one point I had 17, and my mom’s hearing has never been the same!

My husband (Michael) and I have been married for 12 years and have moved 5 times. He’s my favorite wholehearted human in the world 🙂

I walked down the aisle in blue sneakers!

I’ve lived in Wyoming and Colorado and have traveled to Mongolia, China, Tibet, Australia, Puerto Rico, and much of the USA

I was an orthodontic assistant for 8 years – and wrote this book to help people go through the process of braces

I am a writer/artist/entrepreneur/mom… I guess that makes me a WRI-TIS-NEUR-OM!

I recently published a coloring book for adults which is filled with encouraging quotes and illustrations