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I Like You

January 18, 2016


I like you and I know why. I like you because you are so easy to like!

You are like-able.

I like you because when I tell you something that is important to me, you fold it up somewhere deep inside you and never whisper a word of it to anyone. Later, you ask me about the thing I told you. You remember what I said and you remember to ask. You feel safe.

I like you because when you look at me your eyes look TWINKLY and fun and your mouth smiles without trying. I don’t think you even know you are smiling when you look at me, but YOU ARE!

I like you because you wave your hands when you tell stories, which is the best way to tell a story!

You do lots of waving.

I like you because you are kind. The kind of kind that doesn’t remember whose turn it is to be kind. Your kindness feels warm like morning light and feels cozy like pink and orange sunsets.


I like you because you try things! You have ideas. You think you have good ideas, and I think you have good ideas. We think I have good ideas too! We have good ideas!

Even when I am upset I like you, because you get upset with me. We are like a team of upsets! And then we stop being upset because it feels better to be happy anyway. We’ve decided it’s true.

You and me, we like messes, and colors, and pictures of things that make us smile. Lots of things make us smile and we say that smiling makes us feel full all the way to our toes, so we do lots of smiling.


I like you because you GIGGLE when I do, and I GIGGLE when you do. I GIGGLE, you GIGGLE. I GIGGLE more, and you GIGGLE more. GIGGLE is a silly word anyway isn’t it? We agree. HAH-HA!

I like you because you call to say, “hi, how are you?” and that’s all. You don’t talk about the stuff that is bothering you while we talk about the stuff that is bothering me. There is space for both of us to share. The space feels wonderful.

I like you because you like you, and because you like you, it makes it easy for me to like you too!

I like you because you dream about BIG things, things that haven’t been made yet, and you dream about making them. You say that I can make big things too. And we do! We make big things!

I like the things you talk about. You talk about WONDERFUL things. Books, and movement, and wild stories of us doing brave things. You are really interesting and talking to you makes me feel like jumping, and skipping, and doing cart wheels, and hollering under hollow bridges to hear the echo. ECHO-ECHO-ECHO!

I didn’t know words could do that till I met you. That’s why I like you!

You twirl words like HULA-HOOPS and we laugh. You say if we know the words the world is made of, we can make it whatever we wish. How did you know that!?

I like you summer, winter, spring and fall. I like you when we go out and when we stay in. I like you when we walk, and ride, when we spin, and even when we hang upside down. I like you. I like you.

There are so many reasons why I like you.

I like you a lot.


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  • Reply char January 18, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    This is one of my most favorite posts ever that you wrote! So you and so delightful to read!!

  • Reply Claudia Good January 19, 2016 at 7:27 am

    Thank you! I had so much fun writing it! 😉 I hope you are having a fulfilling start to the New Year!

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