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I see rabbits – 7 reasons to be more present

May 30, 2014


One morning while reading in my office, I heard a bird squawking very loudly outside my open window. In the past, I probably wouldn’t have heard it. But since I’ve been working on being more present, not only did I hear it, I decided to see what all the commotion was about.

I noticed there was a large rabbit approaching the tree the bird was in. And as I watched for a minute, it became very evident that the bird was not at all happy with the rabbit being so close and he was very vocal about it. I can only guess his nest was in that tree.

This little distraction from my reading was quite enjoyable. It was fascinating to watch the emotions of these two little creatures. Well, at least with the bird, the rabbit didn’t seem to care.

As I thought through how being more present and noticing the little things, even rabbits, can be beneficial, I came up with seven great reasons to be more present.

1. We enjoy the little things at a whole new level – We actually see and enjoy the sunset, the graceful clouds, the sparkle in our child’s eye when we play and have fun with them.

2. We learn to embrace wonder – We see more of the people and things that are around us and are filled with a child-like wonder again.

3. We are more pleasant to be around – When we’re present, other people can tell, especially those closest to us. Our loved ones feel more heard, valued, and loved because of it.

4. We make better art – When we’re present, we do a better job in our work, especially the areas we’re passionate about and gifted in – our “art.”

5. We accomplish more – Being present means we’re less distracted, so we get more done.

6. We are more creative and have better ideas – Our best ideas rarely come while we have our nose to the grindstone. They usually come when we’re taking the time to watch the sunset or play with our kids, for example.

7. Our life is fuller and richer – Being present allows us to really live our life, rather than just exist in it.

So next time you hear a ruckus outside your window, take a moment to be present and engage with your surroundings. You’ll experience the many benefits of being present, and you might even witness two intense critters facing-off!

Photo Credit: Chung Ho Leung via Compfight cc

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  • Reply Bruce R. Cross May 31, 2014 at 7:06 am

    I am in a season of making every attempt to operate with one thought in mind – SIMPLIFY! This included soaking in moments, as you describe, which would otherwise go unnoticed.

    • Reply Michael Good May 31, 2014 at 4:24 pm

      Ahh, simplicity. It’s a beautiful thing!

  • Reply Kent Julian May 31, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    #7 says it all!

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