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Sleepy Living for Years

February 19, 2016



I heard this phrase in a video (about one of my favorite books) I watched two days ago… and it immediately grabbed me and held on. Now I can’t stop thinking about it, rumbling it around in my mind like marbles in a hand – over and over, over and over.

Staying FULLY awake to life – what a concept! Wide pools of eyes fascinated by, and FULL of life!

So, what lullaby-s us into sleepy living in the first place, and why on earth do we stand for it!? Why do we let ourselves sleepy live for years, or entire lifetimes?

Eyes glazed over – lifeless and dull, hopeless chatter flowing, boredom tugging, detached – shallow laughter, sluggish moving and absolutely no skipping, no, skipping would be much too awake.

It’s a very strange way, sleepy living, especially when we only live each moment once, each day once, each lifetime once. But it must be a human struggle if we find ourselves lulled into it so often.


Living fully awake – are we there? What would it look like for you to live fully awake?

I’m working on this myself. I’ll share some of my own strategies for waking up to life tomorrow!

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