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How to navigate change successfully

This past weekend, Claudia and I moved. It was a local move, about 20 minutes from were we were before in the Philadelphia area. Everything went really smoothly thanks to all the friends and family we had helping us. With with a change like moving comes…

November 18, 2013
Personal Growth

How do you change unhealthy default thinking?

We know changing our thinking changes our lives. But what do you do when unhealthy default thinking keeps sticking around? I’m talking about thinking habits that go way back to childhood and other formative years. Unhealthy default ways of thinking go incredibly deep and…

November 7, 2013
Personal Growth

The Easiest Way To Get Unstuck

Sometimes we get stuck. Stuck in anger, or depression, or anxiety. We get stuck in a mindset, a negative way of dealing with life, or in relationships. All this happens and we don’t know how to get unstuck. When we feel stuck, we replay…

May 30, 2013
Personal Growth

I’m Great! – IDC #18

This post is part of the IDC Project. The IDC Project’s mission is for us to take a stand for who we are and what we believe without worrying about what others may think. Read more about the IDC Project here and view completed IDC’s here. For our most recent IDC…

September 26, 2012
Personal Growth

Join Us for the Next IDC

For our next IDC for the I Don’t Care Project, we invite you to come along and do the challenge with us! No, we’re not going to go to the store in our pajamas or give lunch to a homeless person, though you could…

September 12, 2012
Personal Growth

I’m Doing Great, Thanks!

As I walked into a retail store recently to perform a mystery shopping job, I was greeted, “Hi, how are you?” The greeting seemed kind but robotic. I responded with a smile and a brief, “Fine, thanks.” “Oh rats!” I thought. “I didn’t mean…

August 23, 2012

Stop The Bleeding With Gratitude

Wow, sometimes my thoughts are my own worst enemy. Once I start down the path of having a crappy attitude, things can spiral downhill pretty quickly. It’s during these times when I feel the urgent need to stop the bleeding and get back on track!…

July 9, 2012

Realist or Pessimist

“I’m not a pessimist; I’m a realist.” You’ve probably heard that said before in response to someone being accused of being a miser or a killjoy. I know I’ve heard it before and I’m always skeptical when I hear it. I think it’s just…

April 2, 2012