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We’re Looking at the Wrong Stuff!

I’ve heard most of us look at our phones over 100 times a day. All this endless looking at stuff momentarily fills a void doesn’t it? Somedays I feel it too. This restlessness, this covering over. Why? Sometimes it’s habit, but many times we…

March 11, 2015
Living Intentionally Personal Growth

He decided to quit

My friend just quit his job. And I, being curious, asked him what made him pull the trigger. I knew he had been wishing to make a change for a while but wondered what actually made him decide to quit. He said he realized…

March 7, 2014
Personal Growth

Wilderness and courage

Courage often emerges after stumbling through a wilderness. Wilderness brings about need, and great need widens the eye. It slows time and allows contemplation to buzz about, drilling deep holes into the heart’s locked parts. We are vulnerable in the wilderness. We question and we…

October 31, 2013