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A man, a dream, and a tractor

A lot of people have big dreams of things they want to do in life. But how many people actually get around to doing anything about those dreams? Sadly, not that many. I was excited to read an article in the paper last week how one local…

May 6, 2014
Personal Growth

Why Not?

So, the question is why? Why would you take all the time and effort to do all those things you do? Why take all the effort to write a book, or keep a blog, or travel, or start your own business? Why do you read so…

February 28, 2013
Personal Growth

Give Yourself the Gift of a New Beginning

Picture yourself sitting with a hot cup of chai from your favorite coffee place in town. You stir the chai and smell the delicious spices. You watch the hot steam rising, swirling. Just as you would stir your cup of chai, we also need to stir…

December 24, 2012

Seth Godin, Behemoth Books, and Ridiculousness

I recently read a blog post written by Seth Godin. It was called, Ridiculous is the New Remarkable. In the post, Seth speaks of a 19 pound behemoth book he recently put together and sold as part of a kickstarter campaign. He said it was heavy…

December 20, 2012
Personal Growth

5 Tips for Setting Next Year’s Goals

Now is the time of year you want to be looking ahead and setting your goals. What do you want 2013 to look like? If done right, this process can be the most exciting time. It’s a time where you step back for a…

December 10, 2012
Personal Growth

Is Hope Hindering You?

The view surrounding me was pristine. I could see for miles. Green everywhere, even right in front of my eyes. A slight breeze blew my then white blonde hair as I wedged my bare toes between the strong branches of my favorite walnut tree.…

November 22, 2012
Personal Growth

Your Subconscious Mind Needs a Guide

Every morning, I wake up and see something on my ceiling. As the sleep clings to my eyes, my eyelids flip open and closed. The image above me dances through my sleepy mind and is contorted as it turns into strange dreams. The something…

September 19, 2012

A Sick Day For Amos McGee

I just returned 6 children’s books to the library. Among them, my favorite,”A Sick Day for Amos McGee” by Philip C. Stead and illustrated by his wife, Erin E. Stead. When I first got the books out I was surprised by my own excitement. I…

September 13, 2012
Personal Growth

Don’t Blink – Your Season is Now

While walking with my son at the park, something caught my eye on the path just ahead. It was a leaf. I had seen it drop, spiraling from the tree just moments earlier. It landed without a sound about six feet in front of…

August 24, 2012