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Who needs you?

I was recently talking to a farmer who told me a story about a recovery home for people struggling with deep depression. Surprisingly, the recovery method was not pills or any other traditional methods. The way they found people were able to recover the…

December 5, 2013
Entrepreneurship Personal Growth

Great house!

A little compliment can make a big impression on someone. It doesn’t take much, just a kind word, an observation, a word of encouragement. Those little things will brighten someone’s day and make them remember you for a longtime afterward. Claudia and I are…

October 21, 2013
Personal Growth

Lighten up already

It’s so easy to get caught up in the petty happenings of today, become narrow-minded, and start to worry. When this happens, we’re less effective, we become self-centered, and we tend to pull those around us down. We need to lighten up and put…

July 22, 2013
Personal Growth

Are they smiling at you?

It was just an old piece of wood from our basement. I tacked burlap over it and leaned it up against the wall opposite my desk. Then, I put a company of eyes on it. Eyes framed by faces which beam with joy and conquest.…

July 18, 2013

3 Things I Learned From Teaching Guitar

When we’re learning something new, it’s usually a process and things don’t always jive right away. I’ve noticed over my years of teaching guitar that students can get discouraged pretty quickly, especially the beginners. I’ve been able to tweak my teaching technique and try different ways…

March 29, 2012

Why Community Matters

Community makes a difference. I know for Claudia and me, community has been huge. This is what spurred us on towards launching rise365. But realizing the importance of community started long before that. About two years ago we dove into a new approach to…

December 6, 2011