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Living Intentionally Personal Growth

Important things and my schedule

You may have heard how it’s best to make time for the “important” things in life, rather than just doing the “urgent” all the time. Or, how it’s best to work “on” your business, rather than just “in” your business. I’m going to be…

January 27, 2014
Living Intentionally Personal Growth

Pay for breakthrough

I was recently reminded again that we place greater value on things that we pay for, rather than things that are free. Not only that, when we to pay for something, there’s a better chance for growth and a breakthrough. Paying to get 2014…

January 20, 2014
Personal Growth

Fighting the Urgent

Sometimes it’s extremely hard to not let the important things in life get crowded out by the urgent things. Let me explain. You see, urgent things are things like email, paperwork, phone calls, social media, busy work, etc. Important things are the real meat of your…

April 15, 2013
Entrepreneurship Personal Growth

Putting Your Oxygen Mask On First

You can’t save anyone if you can’t breathe. Think about it. Ever wonder why the flight attendant tells you to put your oxygen mask on first? It’s because you can’t save anyone if you can’t breathe. It makes sense. You’re not much good to anyone…

April 1, 2013