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The Power of Hustle

While constant, steady progress towards a goal will help you achieve great results, short bursts of focused action will speed up the process. It’s called hustle. Hustle helps you achieve massive results in minimal amount of time. Here are 3 examples of the power…

March 18, 2013
Entrepreneurship Personal Growth

Take Action and Start

A vital thing to remember here at the outset of another year is the importance of taking action. Many people make resolutions and set lofty goals at the beginning of the year, but most neglect to take the action needed to see those goals completed.…

January 7, 2013
Personal Growth

This Is A Very Short Post About Dripping

A drip has given me inspiration today! Dripping your work, as Seth Godin talks about. The drip approach to getting your work done looks like this. Every day a little bit more. Not one big bucket full at a time, but a small amount…

January 3, 2013

Year in Review for 2012 [Picture Version]

One year ago yesterday marked the last day at my job. I was quitting for the adventure of starting my own business. I had a dream and a plan, now I just had to do it! As Claudia and I look back over this…

December 31, 2012
Personal Growth

5 Tips for Setting Next Year’s Goals

Now is the time of year you want to be looking ahead and setting your goals. What do you want 2013 to look like? If done right, this process can be the most exciting time. It’s a time where you step back for a…

December 10, 2012
Personal Growth

Why Your Happiness is Just Out of Reach

Yesterday evening I sat alone in a room. It was so very perfectly quiet. I sat smiling from ear to ear. Quietness feeds my mind and my soul. I face me there. I face me head on and I can’t hide. It’s a good…

December 6, 2012
Personal Growth

The Tweak

Michael and I sat quietly perched on stools in our kitchen. The lights were dim and Jude was asleep. It was a moment of resounding silence. A moment of reflection. We wandered down the path of conversation staying along a certain trail which seemed…

October 30, 2012