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A Market for Hope

  Sometimes when we are looking, creating and building, we get more focused on what other people might like rather than what we are good at giving. Since we can’t always predict what people will like, it’s better to simply offer what we are…

June 12, 2015
Living Intentionally Personal Growth

On Regret

Mistakes. We all make them. But I now see that some of us get stuck in regret over our mistakes (whether real or perceived) and can’t seem to get out. For those that do, regret expands into a constant, low, dark-gray cloud and brings…

February 13, 2014
Personal Growth

Lighten up already

It’s so easy to get caught up in the petty happenings of today, become narrow-minded, and start to worry. When this happens, we’re less effective, we become self-centered, and we tend to pull those around us down. We need to lighten up and put…

July 22, 2013
Personal Growth

A profound 3 sentence prayer

There is a simple three sentence prayer which can make a profound impact on your life.  It can help you see how to overcome big obstacles and give you the courage and confidence to take bold action. The prayer I’m talking about comes from the book…

July 1, 2013
Personal Growth

Large Souled People and Disappointment

Large souled people learn to give thanks – even for disappointment. They move forward after heartache and avoid the temptation to sit and brood – at least not for long. They realize that all things work together. They learn to adjust course and use…

June 6, 2013
Entrepreneurship Personal Growth

When the Door Closes

What do you do when the door to something you’ve been working long and hard on closes? Your business idea flops, you don’t get that breakthrough you were hoping for, your dreams are dashed. It’s so easy to get stuck in a place of…

May 20, 2013
Personal Growth

Possibility, Commence!

Sometimes one word can change our lives. Today that word is POSSIBILITY. Possibility is an eager leap into what lies ahead. It is unabashed, plucky, and animated. Possibility rings with hope and shiny newness. It stands out from the crowd with a bold smile…

March 21, 2013
Personal Growth

Is Hope Hindering You?

The view surrounding me was pristine. I could see for miles. Green everywhere, even right in front of my eyes. A slight breeze blew my then white blonde hair as I wedged my bare toes between the strong branches of my favorite walnut tree.…

November 22, 2012