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Learn from anti-role models

Learning from positive role models is definitely a good thing, however there is great value in learning from anti-role models as well. Rather than needing to make all the mistakes ourselves, we can observe the mistakes of others and learn from those. Don’t misunderstand me,…

October 14, 2013
Entrepreneurship Personal Growth

Failures and success

I’ve long heard the concept of “fail early, fail often.” And, while I understood it in theory, I struggled to see its real, practical benefit. This all changed when I realized that failure gives us knowledge and skills which cannot be gained any other…

September 2, 2013
Personal Growth

10 cool ways blogging can revamp your life

I used to be a blog scoffer. I thought blogging was dumb and I had declared I was never going to become a blogger, ever! Then I gave it a try. Now I can say with gusto that blogging has successfully revamped my entire…

July 25, 2013
Personal Growth

The #1 Key to Getting the Most Out of a Book

Claudia and I read a lot of books and listen to a lot of audio programs and podcasts. On a recent trip to the library, we checked out fifteen books. I’ll admit, we went a little overboard. We didn’t quite get through all of…

October 22, 2012
Personal Growth

Who Taught You To Use Those Words?

I suddenly have a heightened awareness of words. Too often they are thrown around like old dish towels and leak out of mouths as oil through a tipped jar. Many people are completely unaware of the effect of their own words. Friendships are made…

September 11, 2012

Never Thought I Would Be Addicted

I’m addicted to audio books! I can’t help myself! Michael got 5 out from the library the other day and I had to get 3 more when I stopped by the library with Jude. I was going just to, “Check out what they had……

May 7, 2012