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The Truth About My Marriage

Have you ever had a paradigm shift? Say, you are annoyed at your dog one evening. You came home to a chewed up pile of books and pee on your favorite leather chair. Morning walks have become a dreaded chore as you are pulled hither…

February 4, 2013
Personal Growth

We Just Relearned Marriage Lesson #1

Today we relearned something very important. After breakfast, Michael, Jude, and I went out for a walk around town. Walks have always been one of the best ways for Michael and I to connect. Something great happens when we get out of the house…

January 17, 2013

Do You Need Your Wife Onboard?

I often hear people mention they don’t have the support of their spouse when starting a business. I think this is vital if you want your new venture to really thrive. Support can come in many different styles. Having your spouse onboard, doesn’t mean…

September 4, 2012

Why Your Husband Needs Your Support

Embarking on our entrepreneurial pursuits has actually been incredible for our marriage. Here are six things I have learned about supporting Michael and why it is so important. 1. He needs encouragement from me: Michael, just as any human being that is breathing, needs encouragement…

August 29, 2012

What Did You Expect?

[tentblogger-youtube -rGXdXIdykU] For link to Andy Stanley podcast, click here!  (To listen on Stitcher, Click here!)…

July 10, 2012

6 Keys To A Rockin’ Marriage

I often hear a topic that stirs my heart. It is a topic that seems to become especially revalent when trying to embark on change or a new entrepreneurial adventure. The topic is disunity in marriage. I see it in all forms and have…

June 6, 2012

Building An Unbreakable Team In Marriage

A team of oxen is amazingly strong. When pulling a load together, they can pull three times the amount than each would be able to separately! Lately I’ve been comparing this to marriage. In marriage we are two individuals, obviously. Two individuals can get…

April 1, 2012

Date Night Ideas

Recently, we asked you for creative suggestions for a date night. We were looking for something simple, something fun, something inexpensive, and something to keep a relationship strong. Here are some of your suggestions and the approximate costs: Pack a picnic and go to the park.…

February 13, 2012

Date Night Contest

We all know date night is healthy for your relationship with your spouse. However, doing this can be a challenge with the busyness of raising kids, working, and all the commitments we have. I know for Claudia and me, we run out of creative…

January 19, 2012