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We took off to a little coastal town…

This past weekend, Claudia and I dropped our son, Jude, off at his grandparents and we took off to the little coastal town of Newport, Rhode Island. We were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and had a great time unplugging and spending time together…

September 23, 2013
Personal Growth

Lighten up already

It’s so easy to get caught up in the petty happenings of today, become narrow-minded, and start to worry. When this happens, we’re less effective, we become self-centered, and we tend to pull those around us down. We need to lighten up and put…

July 22, 2013
Personal Growth

Facing old struggles

The following is a short parable. May it bring you new perspective on facing old struggles.  “Excuse me, sir. What do you see?” the small voice came from beside the bench where the man was sitting close to the lake. His thoughts had been…

July 15, 2013
Personal Growth

See What You Can See

What is your life’s message? Do you know? Few of us actually see clearly enough to know what our life’s message is, let alone live it out. Our eyesight is dim at best. To begin to see our life’s message we must first be able…

May 23, 2013

The Truth About My Marriage

Have you ever had a paradigm shift? Say, you are annoyed at your dog one evening. You came home to a chewed up pile of books and pee on your favorite leather chair. Morning walks have become a dreaded chore as you are pulled hither…

February 4, 2013
Personal Growth

3 Ways To Kick Age Excusitis

A common struggle for many people is thinking their best years are behind them. If you really believe that, than you can stop reading this post right now. If, however, you believe there just might be a chance that your best years are ahead…

October 25, 2012