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We’re having another baby!

Claudia and I are excited to announce that we’re expecting our second child in May! We couldn’t be more thrilled and feel like it’s an enormous gift and blessing. After we got married, we waited 7 years to start a family. Looking back, that…

December 23, 2013
Personal Growth

The Beauty Of A Project

At one point in my life I was under the impression that change was wrong and if I loved change, it meant something was majorly wrong with me. Unstable, unreliable, and wish-washy were words that routinely ran through my head whenever I considered any…

June 13, 2013
Personal Growth

This Is A Very Short Post About Dripping

A drip has given me inspiration today! Dripping your work, as Seth Godin talks about. The drip approach to getting your work done looks like this. Every day a little bit more. Not one big bucket full at a time, but a small amount…

January 3, 2013

Year in Review for 2012 [Picture Version]

One year ago yesterday marked the last day at my job. I was quitting for the adventure of starting my own business. I had a dream and a plan, now I just had to do it! As Claudia and I look back over this…

December 31, 2012
Personal Growth

Short-term Goals Done Right

Short-term goals are the key to getting to you to your bigger long-term goals and dreams. They can be the catalyst that gets you off your bum in planning mode and starting to actually do something which brings momentum and inspiration. The length of the type…

September 24, 2012

The Lighter Side: Change Brings Life

“Where there’s no progress, there’s no growth. If there’s no growth, there’s no life. Environments void of change are eventually void of life.” – Andy Stanley Question: What was one change that brought life for you?…

June 2, 2012

You Never Started…

Michael and I sometimes get so excited about our lives and the direction we are now going we can hardly contain ourselves. We have brainstorming sessions were we talk about many, many ideas we want to implement.   We start saying things like, “Oh,…

May 30, 2012