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Writing Needed

Friends, it feels good to be back! I stepped away from writing for about 3 months while having our 2nd baby, and I have missed it incredibly! Being away has only affirmed the importance of writing in my mind. I have heard some say there…

August 28, 2014
Living Intentionally Personal Growth

Risking owning it

We’ve all been giving gifts and abilities, thoughts and ideas. We’ve all been put here with a purpose. But too many people just kind of go through life coasting along. Not believing they really have anything of significance to offer. They think that they’re…

June 27, 2014
Living Intentionally Personal Growth

What is important?

The dishes are important. The kitchen gets disgusting if they aren’t done. The laundry is important. We would be running around naked (or at least stinky) if it wasn’t clean. The emails are important. Yes, they are. But, ultimately what is important is doing…

March 13, 2014
Personal Growth

Just for today

One of the biggest struggles I have is coming to the end of the day and feeling discontent with what I accomplished, or how I lived my day. I often find myself worrying that I didn’t do enough, or didn’t do the right things.…

October 24, 2013
Personal Growth

The Power Of The Pen

11 Ways Writing With a Pen Can Transform Your Life (true story) 1. Write to name what you face. A name gives shape to the shadows that follow you, the shadows that age you. When you name something, you are able to face it…

June 20, 2013
Personal Growth

It’s Really a Pilgrimage

Claudia and I were talking recently about the importance of enjoying the process. How we never want to find ourselves waiting to be happy until we reach a certain goal or benchmark. That’s when Claudia said, “You know, it’s really a pilgrimage. It’s not about different…

June 17, 2013
Personal Growth

The Rift

My first encounter with The Rift was when I danced wildly across a stage in high school. I then encountered him while embarking on a journey alone to Colorado. I glimpsed him again while driving through the mountains into Tibet, and later in the red dust of…

May 2, 2013
Personal Growth

Why Not?

So, the question is why? Why would you take all the time and effort to do all those things you do? Why take all the effort to write a book, or keep a blog, or travel, or start your own business? Why do you read so…

February 28, 2013