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How to remember someone’s name – 10 tips and tricks

Remembering someone’s name is important. It builds trust and rapport and strengthens the relationship. But many people are not good at it, and maybe they’ve never been, so they don’t even try any more. I know. This was my story for years. Thankfully, I’ve…

July 31, 2014
Living Intentionally Personal Growth


The people that get helpful insights are curious. They ask good questions. “How did you get where you are?” “How did you learn to do that?” “I see you changed in this area. How did you go about making the change?” “What did you…

February 6, 2014
Entrepreneurship Personal Growth

We took off to a little coastal town…

This past weekend, Claudia and I dropped our son, Jude, off at his grandparents and we took off to the little coastal town of Newport, Rhode Island. We were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and had a great time unplugging and spending time together…

September 23, 2013
Personal Growth

Your Reach is Greater Than You Realize

We affect more people than we realize. We affect the barista at Starbucks when we buy our coffee, our clients and coworkers, and certainly our dearest loved ones. This is a powerful blessing and a huge responsibility and needs to remain in the forefront…

May 13, 2013

Belly to Belly is Best

Claudia and I just made it back from a conference in Chicago on internet marketing. We had a great time meeting new people and attending the great seminars. Not to mention, we got to spend time with one of our mentors, Dan Miller. One…

April 22, 2013
Personal Growth

We Just Relearned Marriage Lesson #1

Today we relearned something very important. After breakfast, Michael, Jude, and I went out for a walk around town. Walks have always been one of the best ways for Michael and I to connect. Something great happens when we get out of the house…

January 17, 2013