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Failures and success

I’ve long heard the concept of “fail early, fail often.” And, while I understood it in theory, I struggled to see its real, practical benefit. This all changed when I realized that failure gives us knowledge and skills which cannot be gained any other…

September 2, 2013
Personal Growth

Look Through This Lens

Something changes when we wake up every morning and look at our lives through the  lens of contribution. As a contributor, my life matters because it affects thousands, even millions, of other lives. As a contributor, success and failure fade into the background. Neither one holds much…

March 14, 2013

Wisdom Meets Passion [Book Review]

I’ve been a long-time fan of Dan Miller of 48 Days. He’s probably in the top 5 of people who have positively influenced my life the most, maybe top 3. Needless to say, I was excited when his most recent book, co-authored with his…

January 10, 2013
Personal Growth

4 Success Traits I Learned While Shoveling Manure

If you had met me 5 years ago I would have probably shook your hand from high on the back of a sweaty horse. Or, greeted you while emptying a wheelbarrow of horse manure. My daily attire consisted of Carhartt overalls or riding breeches.…

October 23, 2012
Personal Growth

Join Me for a 21 Day Productivity Experiment

I’ll make no bones about it, I struggle with focus when working on my business. I’m often scattered and overwhelmed by everything I want to do. A recent post I read really brought this issue to light and now I’m going to do something…

October 1, 2012

Stop Taking All The Grain!

You may have heard about the abundance mentality. It’s the concept in which we believe there are more than enough resources to go around and success is available to all. With this mindset, we can be happy for a coworker when he gets a promotion…

June 11, 2012

This Is Why I Want To Be Your Friend

I never knew likeability played such a huge role in how the world goes around. Hey, everybody knows they enjoy being around people they like, but I don’t think many of us consider why, or for that matter, try to be more likeable ourselves.…

May 14, 2012