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See What You Can See

What is your life’s message? Do you know? Few of us actually see clearly enough to know what our life’s message is, let alone live it out. Our eyesight is dim at best. To begin to see our life’s message we must first be able…

May 23, 2013
Entrepreneurship Personal Growth

Putting Your Oxygen Mask On First

You can’t save anyone if you can’t breathe. Think about it. Ever wonder why the flight attendant tells you to put your oxygen mask on first? It’s because you can’t save anyone if you can’t breathe. It makes sense. You’re not much good to anyone…

April 1, 2013
Personal Growth

Your Subconscious Mind Needs a Guide

Every morning, I wake up and see something on my ceiling. As the sleep clings to my eyes, my eyelids flip open and closed. The image above me dances through my sleepy mind and is contorted as it turns into strange dreams. The something…

September 19, 2012

Our Custom Art Piece

We recently mentioned in our Sunday video that we had some awesome people stop by to do an interview with us on their way to NYC. What we didn’t mention is that they brought along an artist/visionary named Randall Gingerich to draw us a picture. While…

August 15, 2012

We Just Got Started, Fear And All

When we started rise365, we didn’t know what we wanted the site to ultimately become. However, we did know the direction we wanted to head and what our first step was: To get started with our first post! Fortunately, as we took those first…

July 23, 2012

A Pen And A Crisp Piece Of Paper

I think back. I think forward. I think. What helps me gain wisdom? Not make the same mistakes twice? Not dwell in the same negative mindset? And why do some people stay where they are and how they are for years and years and…

February 28, 2012