Beauty Today!


March 19, 2016

tumblr_nq00u0U9CY1rs3ltto1_540It’s alright…

the rocky feel of FOLD,

the days that don’t go as TOLD.


The way life seems to spin and drop,

the ups and downs that pile on top…

of days and weeks, on minutes and hours…

I want all sunshine and pretty flowers!


Undone feels reckless – end over end –

and makes me reach, & weep, & bend.


I want ALL predictable and straight

but this I see is not life’s fate,

the magic of life is thriving WITHIN

the swirl of ups and downs and spins.


Facing undone moments WHEN they come,

trusting that when they spin through and are done

I’ll have treasure I lacked before –

before undone walked through my door


I will be wiser,

and stronger too…


There IS treasure HERE too.


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