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Four years ago, after listening to this guy’s podcast, my husband Michael and I realized we weren’t living the life we wanted to live. In fact, we were shocked to realize we were living a BORING, DIRECTIONLESS, SELF ABSORBED, and completely UNFULFILLING life!!!

So, on a hot weekend in July, (while I was 8 months pregnant with our first baby) we decided to start fresh.

It was the CRAZIEST, MOST REFRESHING thing we had ever done!

We blocked out an entire weekend, and went away. We sat, and walked, and talked and dreamed, and feverishly wrote down all we wanted from life. We figured out the legacy we wanted to leave, the type of relationships we wanted to have, the type of work we wanted to do, places we wanted to live, dreams we wanted to see come true…

…and then went about setting some BIG, GUTSY goals to get there.

3 months later we started a blog called rise365 to keep us accountable and give us a supportive community during our quest (truly life changing experience!!!!!).

Four months later (with a new baby and zero start-up money) my husband quit his job and we started our own music business from scratch.

About a year later, I quit my part time job, and we became entirely self employed. We had become entrepreneurs (the first BIG dream on our list)!

Since that point we haven’t turned back, and never will!!!!

Since then we have:

  • Started multiple businesses together (two of which we are successfully running together today)
  • Had another baby (we now have 2 kids, a 4 year old boy and a 1 year old girl!)
  • Wrote a book and put it up on AMAZON as an experiment in passive income
  • Wrote a goals guide for couples (updated version will be available on this site soon)
  • Sold our house and downsized
  • MAJORLY simplified by giving away and selling a TON of stuff -AHHHHHHH, life feels lighter when you have less STUFF!!!!!
  • Moved again – (we are super intentional about where we live and always want it to be a place that brings refreshment to us as a family)
  • Connected with cool people all around the world who were passionate about dreaming big and changing their lives (a supportive community is so important when you do anything out of the ordinary!)
  • AND set more BIG, hairy, audacious goals for our future!

Our journey has been neither simple or easy. We have worked incredibly hard to do what we have done so far, BUT the work has brought us deep joy and the journey has been wildly FULFILLING, FREEING, and LIFE-GIVING!!!!!

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What we discovered was this: you CAN completely change your life in a very short amount of time with some very basic things: clarity, goals, guts, determination, and the willingness to keep showing up and putting in the work!

Wholehearted human flows as a result of the joy and fulfillment I have found through living bravely and dreaming big. My passion is to encourage others in their own quest for the same joy and fulfillment. 

It is a joy and privilege to journey with you!

“You can, you should, and if your brave enough to start, you will!” Stephen King


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