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January 24, 2016


We often forget that ideas ACTUALLY shape our life. We live and move based on the cumulation of ideas we currently have bouncing and rambling about in our heads.

Some ideas are helpful, some are not. Some have taken you this far in life but are no longer helpful and like expired food, need to be replaced.

For instance, what are your ideas about writing, work, creativity, how you function in relationships, and how you think and act? How about your ideas on possibility, change, and dreams?

New ideas have changed my life. I now collect them like… well, like something you collect A LOT of!!!

Books, podcasts, friendships, pictures, places, and words all usher in new ideas. The IDEA (see what I did there ;)) is to surround yourself with ideas that help you move forward and help you become the healthy, proactive, vibrant human you want to to be! The brave, generous, and fulfilled one!


Need a few NEW ideas?

This mom created a creative home business that she loves

This video blew my mind about the size of our solar system – and perspective

This children’s movie was fascinating in it’s simplicity and complexity. Rhyming works!

This guy has a podcast and tons of books focused on creating work a work and life you love

I love this short video on the ecstasy of curiosity

I find this guy’s writing wednesday series interesting

This Ted Radio hour podcast on courage was a fun listen

This woman has a blog series called Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend that I always find encouraging/fun

This book changed my perspective on creativity

This Ted talk on vulnerability is awesome

If you like to color – I made this

Awe Human Awesomeness Poetry

I Like You

January 18, 2016


I like you and I know why. I like you because you are so easy to like!

You are like-able.

I like you because when I tell you something that is important to me, you fold it up somewhere deep inside you and never whisper a word of it to anyone. Later, you ask me about the thing I told you. You remember what I said and you remember to ask. You feel safe.

I like you because when you look at me your eyes look TWINKLY and fun and your mouth smiles without trying. I don’t think you even know you are smiling when you look at me, but YOU ARE!

I like you because you wave your hands when you tell stories, which is the best way to tell a story!

You do lots of waving.

I like you because you are kind. The kind of kind that doesn’t remember whose turn it is to be kind. Your kindness feels warm like morning light and feels cozy like pink and orange sunsets.


I like you because you try things! You have ideas. You think you have good ideas, and I think you have good ideas. We think I have good ideas too! We have good ideas!

Even when I am upset I like you, because you get upset with me. We are like a team of upsets! And then we stop being upset because it feels better to be happy anyway. We’ve decided it’s true.

You and me, we like messes, and colors, and pictures of things that make us smile. Lots of things make us smile and we say that smiling makes us feel full all the way to our toes, so we do lots of smiling.


I like you because you GIGGLE when I do, and I GIGGLE when you do. I GIGGLE, you GIGGLE. I GIGGLE more, and you GIGGLE more. GIGGLE is a silly word anyway isn’t it? We agree. HAH-HA!

I like you because you call to say, “hi, how are you?” and that’s all. You don’t talk about the stuff that is bothering you while we talk about the stuff that is bothering me. There is space for both of us to share. The space feels wonderful.

I like you because you like you, and because you like you, it makes it easy for me to like you too!

I like you because you dream about BIG things, things that haven’t been made yet, and you dream about making them. You say that I can make big things too. And we do! We make big things!

I like the things you talk about. You talk about WONDERFUL things. Books, and movement, and wild stories of us doing brave things. You are really interesting and talking to you makes me feel like jumping, and skipping, and doing cart wheels, and hollering under hollow bridges to hear the echo. ECHO-ECHO-ECHO!

I didn’t know words could do that till I met you. That’s why I like you!

You twirl words like HULA-HOOPS and we laugh. You say if we know the words the world is made of, we can make it whatever we wish. How did you know that!?

I like you summer, winter, spring and fall. I like you when we go out and when we stay in. I like you when we walk, and ride, when we spin, and even when we hang upside down. I like you. I like you.

There are so many reasons why I like you.

I like you a lot.


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The I’ms

January 15, 2016

Something I have found fascinating for a while is this: we believe whatever we say about ourselves on a regular basis. And when we believe it, we also act it out.

For example, if I’m constantly declaring myself to be shy, “I’m shy,” I must act shy in all circumstances (even ones where I would rather not act shy) because I have labeled myself shy and I must act consistent to how I perceive myself to be.

Interesting, and often unhelpful for this simple reason: many I’ms we adopt simply do not help us in our journey.

I’m not good at remembering names, 

I’m not good at making money,

I’m not a morning person,

I’m not creative,

I’m unorganized,

I’m lazy,

I’m not good with words,

Many of our I’ms are ideas we picked up along with way, perhaps from childhood, or because we simply decided to adopt them for various reasons.

Some I’ms may even feel positive until we evaluate whether they are actually helping or hindering us.

I’m the one that always takes care of everyone else

Either way, it’s worth taking a second look at the I’ms you have adopted. Are they helping you to move forward in life, helping you change and try new things? Or are they keeping you small and stuck?

Personal Growth


January 11, 2016

I get asked by a lot of moms about balance. “How do you balance all the things?” “I don’t have the time to write, or blog, or paint like you do because of the kids and our schedule.”

The truth is, I don’t either.

The logistics of pursuing anything else other than wife, mother and co-running a business with my husband are complicated, to say the least. And balance is at best elusive (and I think we wast a lot of energy trying to find it).

I’ve found that time isn’t ACTUALLY the real issue, clarity is. What DO you want?

If you know what you want, then you find the time to pursue it. Period. Find clarity and you find time.

Life is painful when we don’t keep our dreams and passions alive. Thriving quickly fades into surviving when we are just doing the next thing and we take no time to pursue our dreams and talents. They make us authentically ALIVE and are vastly important!

It might not look like spending 20 or 30 hours a week pursuing things we enjoy, for me it looks like 30 minutes here and there through my day, or a few hours a week. I do this not because I have “time,” but because it fills me, I love it, and because I am ME when I do it.

It also looks like sharing responsibilities. Michael and I both pitch in and do all the things. We talk a LOT about our priorities and spend a lot of time getting clarity and setting goals for where we want to go in life.

And lastly, I have my own space. I have an office (and we live in a very small house)! I know very few moms with young children who have ANY space to themselves, let alone a whole room! You need a space to think and DREAM!

I decided to stop waiting for the logistics to line up, they don’t. Rather, I decided to make being the most ALIVE, WHOLE, PASSIONATE, ENERGETIC person I can be the MOST important rather than the least important.

I’d love to hear your thoughts here. What do You do to find space to dream?

Living Intentionally Personal Growth

If You Wanted To…

January 1, 2016

If you wanted to be brave, what would you stop doing and what would you start doing?

If you wanted to be awe-filled, what would you notice, and what would you take time for?

If you wanted to be encouraged, what would you decide to think about and dwell on?

If you wanted to be generous, how would you view money and time?

If you wanted to be wise, who would you spend your time with and what would you read?

If you wanted to be loving, how would you talk about people and what would you do with them?

If you wanted to be resilient, how would you view failure and what would you move on from?

If you wanted to be inspiring, what kinds of things would you be doing and what stuff would you be talking about?


It helps to start at the finish and work our way back. Sometimes we forget that there are steps to be taken between who we currently are and who we mean to be.

Living Intentionally

Super Powers

December 9, 2015

While watching a documentary called Life with my son, I became fascinated by the superpowers animals seem to have.

For instance, I found my mouth gaping open watching a pebble toad literally bounce down the wall of a stone cliff to escape a tarantula attack, it’s body ricochetting off of rocks like a pebble!

Or watching the Jesus Christ lizard literally run across water to escape an attack (that that would be a cool power!)

Or, a baby duck leaping from it’s nest at the top of a ginormous tree, using the leaves below as a trampoline.

Amazing stuff!

It made me ponder what superpowers we have as humans. No, we wouldn’t survive if we tried to tumble down a rock cliff, our super powers are slightly different. But sometimes our thinking head gets in our way and we forget that we have any superpowers at all. Most humans tend think of themselves as neither super nor powerful, which is a not one bit true.


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New Book

December 6, 2015

A few months ago I picked up a book that caught my eye in an art store. It was an adult coloring book full of botanical pen and ink drawings. I couldn’t put it down, I LOVED it!

After leaving the store I kept thinking about that book. I ordered one. I looked at more coloring books. I ordered more. And then I decided to make one of my own!

So, after months of sketching and designing, here it is! Inspired: a coloring book for adults is full of hand lettered quotes and pen and ink illustrations. It’s up on Amazon and for a bit longer the price is 30% off!

So, if you love quotes and you find coloring enjoyable, like I do, check it out!

After trying a few things now, I am convinced one of the most fulfilling feelings comes from simply trying stuff. Just offering what you have, where your at, not knowing for sure if it will work or not… but still offering. “Here, I made this, I enjoyed making it. I hope it encourages you and fills you with hope!”

Trying and offering. Trying and offering. Trying and offering. Something magical happens in our lives when this becomes a routine.


Thanks to Joanne’s book for re-kindling my own creativity. Pick up the books that spark your curiosity, you never know where they will lead you! 😉

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No Space for Magic

November 15, 2015

Have you ever sat down to write only to to find your so concerned with writing right that the deep words don’t even make it to the surface?

I have.

There is no rush of healing, no revelation when the deep words (the real ones) haven’t bubbled up.

We zero in on punctuation, sound, {will someone read this and think it sounds dumb – forget that, I think it’s dumb!?} making sure words are straight, not to big, evenly centered, and let’s not even mention staying between the lines!

Stretching words over lines is way underrated!

Some of the most healing moments of my life have happened when I simply let words spill out. I throw out order and rules – any word, in any order, with any spacing is free game (made up words also allowed!).

Just getting the REAL words out (the words you don’t even know are there) is the point.

Here is an example of one “word spill” that came out while writing this post.

…….  …….. …….

the     sp   A   ce     between is where the magic happens

a pause in the sk{i}es

breath ~ it                             flies

firefly glow in the eyes


and the w{i}llll

to go deeper still

the tumbling, climbing, reaching, finding – seeing what is there [beneath the square]

beneath is air       the fair           the spare      des{i}re       to not care


its me           and the words are fr eee

……..   ……….   …………

There has to be space for magic when we create!

If we squeeze and push everything into the neat and tidy rules, magic never happens.

So, try it! Try letting words spill out of your pen without hinderance or much thought. Your “word spill” might be a list of words, a shape with words, or, a poem (as my words spills are as of late). However they come out, DO NOT over think this. Over thinking kills the magic.

Words are a gift. A gift that helps us discover who we are, how we thrive, and what makes us feel bravely human. The magic happens when we let the real words out.

Personal Growth

Are You Interesting Enough?

October 26, 2015

What’s interesting about interesting people is how much they are interested. They listen, they are curious about you and about life, they notice things and try things. They want to know, “Why did that work?” and “How does that make you feel?”

They don’t set out to be interesting, but are extremely passionate about being curious and understanding things. “If this is there, does that mean I could do this and it wouldn’t be there?”

This is great news for those of us who are afraid we are not interesting enough to do anything of importance, or to share our work.

There are not a certain amount of courses you need to take, a certain number of important people you need to connect with, a certain number of emails with a certain number of bullet points you need to send out to be interesting to people or get their attention.

You are human, and you will be interesting if you are interested. Share what you see, what you notice, what you are figuring out.

Living Intentionally Personal Growth

The Wound

October 9, 2015

Perhaps someone said something mean about what you were creating, or, someone you loved simply didn’t pay attention. It made what you were creating feel worthless, pointless, childish, dumb.

Now you’ve hidden that part away. Set it as far away as humanly possible.

The only problem is this stuff NEVER goes as far away as we want it to, and even though we continually say we are ignoring it, we’re not. We’re obsessed with it because it keeps pestering and prancing around under our noses, under our spirits, under our noise and busyness. It just keeps squeaking.

And as hard as we try, it’s impossible to ignore the squeak. It reverberates across canyons deep within us and the constant-ness of it gets under our skin.

It’s time to stop ignoring the squeak.

It’s time to look again, and uncover what we’ve tried so hard to hide.

Uncovering the wound is scary but vastly important work.

The wound keeps us from creating…. But creating is exactly what helps heal the wound.

Most likely your greatest fear (all of our greatest fear), rejection, has already happened, and the place where you have been wounded is exactly the place where we need you the most. Your most important work is most likely wrapped up in the very place you keep so hidden.

There is gold in you.