Beauty Poetry

Little Wren

May 25, 2016


Why do you sing so freely little wren?

As if there are no worries.

If you never fear the rain or wind could it be you are right – the song is always the right choice for the living?

Awe Beauty Human Awesomeness


April 18, 2016



I once heard someone say, “Moments are all we have…” and I’ve been rolling it over and over in my mind since.

A moment, a space, a tiny box of time handed to me over, and over, and over, and over. A moment to glimpse beauty, or a moment to skip over for the next one.

When I LOOK at a moment, the one HERE right before my eyes, not the next one, or the one before… it is the only way I seem to be able to make time move slower and actually digest the life moments before me.

To touch the HERE is magic and I get it all over the finger that reached.

It gives – makes way – and re-envelops, opens wide & covers over.

HERE is what I have to hold, all I have to hold.

Beauty Today!


March 19, 2016

tumblr_nq00u0U9CY1rs3ltto1_540It’s alright…

the rocky feel of FOLD,

the days that don’t go as TOLD.


The way life seems to spin and drop,

the ups and downs that pile on top…

of days and weeks, on minutes and hours…

I want all sunshine and pretty flowers!


Undone feels reckless – end over end –

and makes me reach, & weep, & bend.


I want ALL predictable and straight

but this I see is not life’s fate,

the magic of life is thriving WITHIN

the swirl of ups and downs and spins.


Facing undone moments WHEN they come,

trusting that when they spin through and are done

I’ll have treasure I lacked before –

before undone walked through my door


I will be wiser,

and stronger too…


There IS treasure HERE too.


Living Intentionally Personal Growth

Dead Sea

March 4, 2016

The dead sea is dead because the water flows in, but never out. More and more is collected but it simply sits and stagnates. And, weirdly enough, the dead sea is even shrinking!

Collect. Collect. Collect. Keep. Shrink.

Obviously this doesn’t work well. To thrive there needs to be out-flow! Out-flow! 🙂

Human Awesomeness Living Intentionally


March 1, 2016

I’ve heard (*) the greatest life lessons are infinite patience and never-ending persistence.

In this era of short, quick and immediate, infinite patience and never-ending persistence feel both frustrating and refreshing. Long winded. Glacier like in movement. So. VERY. SLOW.

We often want to gulp at life, leaping over entire mountain ranges of experience to get results. But we must remember that slow, never-ending, persistent habits of movement not only carve mountains but shape entire landscapes.

Life moves one moment at a time.

*From This I Remember by Eleanor Roosevelt

Human Awesomeness Living Intentionally

Unlike Cows

February 24, 2016

Unlike cows, we can change what we like and what we do everyday. If grass doesn’t cut it anymore, we can eat nuts, fruit, or chicken instead. If making milk isn’t resonating, we can choose woodworking, writing, or music making.

We also get to choose our thoughts, and our thoughts shape our entire life.

I think the most encouraging part of being human IS this unending ability choose. We can basically move in any direction we decide. It makes the spectrum of our lives limitless!

We get up every morning and CHOOSE, CHOOSE, choose all through the day. And by choosing we are also creating.

It’s like in the cartoons when the character steps and the road rolls out before them with each step. We choose, we create.

Human Awesomeness Living Intentionally

People Gates

February 22, 2016


Something I’ve observed as of late:

We like to put up gates and limitations on what our spouses or kids should try.

“That’s just what you need, another project.”

“Finish what you started.”

“You already tried something like that and it didn’t work.”

“Just keep your head down and stay where you are.” 

We like to say these things because not trying stuff feels safe and predictable.

Here is the dilemma:

We want our spouses/kids to be engaged and present, have shining eyes, energy and excitement for life, but we also want to control the risk, the time they invest, the outcome of the things they try.

This doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work because as humans we can’t figure out what works for us until we try stuff. And trying stuff doesn’t always work (in fact it shouldn’t always work). BUT trying and failing doesn’t mean FAILING at life. It just means that try didn’t work. Trying (and failing) is how we learn, grow, change, expand, and come to life!

I believe all things work for our good in life if we are willing to learn, grow and change from all circumstances.

We must be allowed to try. We must also be allowed to fail. Trying is life! Trying gives us hope, new doors to walk through… it allows us to dream and change.

Living Intentionally

Awake #2

February 20, 2016


Yesterday I talked about living fully awake. What does that look like for you?

Here are a few things that make me feel fully awake to life. They seem to SLOW time for me, and make my heart burst with warmth, energy, and excitement.

Nature: I love, no NEED to be outside… A LOT. The limitless-ness of no walls and no ceiling has a magical effect on my perspective and my mood. It’s like drinking an elixir of possibility! And my very curious, busy mind finally fills from jaw the dropping AWE of nature.

I’ve also had my favorite conversations with people outside. Outside talk just can’t compare to inside talk. Early morning walks changed my marriage!

Taking pictures: When I pick up a camera and focus on something it feels like I am truly seeing all of what I’m seeing…. my eye sees it, my heart sees it. I can extend a moment and see the light rays and eye crinkles. Moments move fast, never stopping. Pictures capture moments and let me look again.

Writing: Writing allows me to brush out the tangles in my head. I’ve heard pen and paper have eyes into the soul, and I have found this to be true. Writing has been the safest place to unravel, unwind, and name what I am actually facing. When you can name it, you can face it.

Reading/listening to podcasts: New information sets my mind on fire! I LOVE learning! Giving my mind new things to munch and crunch on during a day is invaluable for me! It has gotten me out of countless bad moods and discouraging thinking patterns, and the results are immediate! It’s like my brain literally lights up when it is given a new idea! Reading has completely changed my life.

Any form of Generosity: When I give (without strings attached) I feel ALIVE!!! There is hardly a better feeling in the world! God created us this way!

Adventures: I LOVE adventuring/seeing new anything! Seeing new places, new faces, new roads puts me out of my comfort zone and helps me think in new directions.

Creating/projects: When I sit down to paint, or sew, or draw, or re-arrange a room I feel my skin tingle with excitement. When I have a creative project going I absolutely thrive!

How about you? What makes you feel fully awake to life?