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I’m Gonna do Everything!!!

August 24, 2015

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While tucking my son into bed recently, I asked him if he had any new plans for when he grows up (it’s been on his 3 year old mind a lot lately!). His super enthusiastic response was, “I’m gonna do EVERYTHING mom!!!” (he’s got the striped sunglasses in the above picture 😉 )

Three year olds are great at dreaming and NOT putting any restrictions on what is possible right? Most adults, however, not so great.

It’s weird. Ask a child what they are going to be when they grow up and they can’t stop spewing answers like, “I’m gonna ride to the moon on my cheetah-horse-ocopter and eat PIZZA!!! Ask a kid in middle school and the answer becomes a bit more sluggish and looks more like, “I’m gonna be a doctor.” Ask a high school-er and you often hear crickets, or, “I dunno.”  …And have you ever walked up to an adult and asked them what their big dreams are, “Um, what are you talking about!!??”

So, where do all the dreams go between the ages of 3 and 18!!!???

It’s time to reclaim the dreams you set aside because they didn’t fit into a nice neat ‘expected’ box.

It’s time to Live BIG and Dream BIGGER!!!

P.S. If you’ve ever wondered if it is possible to accomplish dreams AND make money, this guy makes a living helping others combine the two! His message changed our lives!

Personal Growth

Welcome to Wholehearted Human!

August 20, 2015


Like I said in my most recent post, I re-branded rise 365, and you are now entering a new phase, and a new site – YIPEEEE!!

The new name is Wholehearted Human, and it is about getting unstuck, doing brave things, and creating a life you love!

Take a look around and let me know what you think!

Also, if your interested, I wrote a new ebook, 11 Questions for Brave Humans, Figuring Out What Matters. 

So many times in life we want to move forward into taking action (doing something brave), but we get bogged down by having both a lack of clarity and fear of the future.

If this is you, my hope is that this little book will bring you some insight into what you want from your life, and will help you both see and face some of your fears. We can make progress on anything, as long as we know what we are facing!

Go to to get it free (if you’re already subscribed, enter your info as if you were re-subscribing, and you will be given a special link).

I am so glad you are here, and honored to be journeying with you!



A New Chapter for this Site!

August 16, 2015


***Please note, this was a post written on my previous site (rise 365), right before switching over to Wholehearted Human.


Do you ever long for a big change?

Some months ago Michael and I found ourselves in this spot when it came to our blog. After 3 AMAZING years of writing and running Rise 365 (what Wholehearted Human used to be called) together, we were ready for a change.

So, after a lot of brainstorming, we decided Michael would step back from writing (to spearhead the second business we started last year) and I would take over this space myself, have the site redone, and change the domain name.

Go big or go home right!? 😉 Continue Reading

Personal Growth

Taker vs. Giver

August 11, 2015

tumblr_nj7ru3IczE1rs3ltto1_540* This is a post I never would have written 9 years ago. At that point in my life I was sick, depressed, and thought the problem was with everyone else. Thankfully, I have been shown a different way, and it has radically changed my life, my emotional health, and my friendships.


The taker version of us wants to take, horde and hide in every situation. Take stuff, horde money, hide ourselves and our abilities, take from relationships. This version feels that other people owe them and should be helping/giving to help us rather than the opposite.

It waits to be called instead of calling, complains about gaps rather than filling them, waits to perfect their art before offering, and has a hard time offering forgiveness (both for themselves and others).

The giver (braver and healthier) version of us gives, offers in every situation. It calls first and doesn’t keep track, it sees gaps and fills them. It opens to love and is vulnerable but confident.

It forgives.

The giver knows we are all fragile and unfinished, as is our work. It recognizes perfect is a trick, an illusion, an ever moving target, but progress is not, so it offers and keeps offering now (imperfect but always improving).

The giver sees generosity as a way of living life (the best way) rather than a single act.

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The Shy Creative

July 25, 2015

Why are we so shy of our art (that thing that we care about)?

Shy of claiming it’s brilliance and impact, unwilling to admit that it BURNS in us and LONGS to be taken seriously.

It’s a HOBBY, a side venture (at least this is the story we tell the world).

What a sad lie to believe.

There is creative in you and me just as there is blood in our veins and the thing we CARE about LONGS to be explored and lived out!

It wants to be a habit, not a MUSE. It longs to flow and keep flowing, and the more it is allowed to flow, the more it multiplies.

Creativity never runs out, it only increases, for creativity itself, creates.
On the journey with you!



Personal Growth

A Story of Two Obituaries

July 16, 2015


A white haired woman sits hunched over a desk holding two pieces of paper. Her breath is labored, her heart beats fast, too fast. Her time is near.

My Obituary #1, and My Obituary #2 are scribbled in black ink on the pages which lay flat on the desk before her.

Her hands shake as she picks up her pen and begins writing.

She writes the first obituary quickly and effortlessly, titling it, The Life I Wanted to Live.

The words gush out as if they had waited a lifetime to be exposed, for indeed they had. She imagined herself having lived a great life, a life full of depth, passion, imagination, generosity, fulfillment, and adventure. A life in which she had loved deeply, lived with courage, overcome obstacles, and changed thousands of lives for the better.

Hot tears escape and trickle down her wrinkled cheeks as she picks up the second piece of paper.

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One of the Best Questions I’ve Ever Heard

July 9, 2015


So much clarity is gained when we ask great questions.

Here’s a really awesome one (I heard it here).


This question can be applied to different areas of life, but let’s apply it to that brave thing you are thinking about doing. If you could answer this question, would it give you more clarity and confidence?

Yes and YES!

What I like about this question is it puts the human back into spreading a message. It puts a heart in your head, and raises the value of what it looks like to help people. Everyone loves a hero.

A hero does brave work and throws her whole heart and soul in.

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Personal Growth

A Picture of the Rant

July 3, 2015


This is the ranting that goes on in our heads whenever we do anything different or brave!

It’s never easy to fight the head game, but I’ve learned fear only needs a wave of hello, not our hearts, or our ideas.

You look, acknowledge, and then ignore and keep moving forward despite the tightening in your chest.

Brave is always better!


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A Market for Hope

June 12, 2015


tumblr_ngozpqxjVn1rs3ltto1_540Sometimes when we are looking, creating and building, we get more focused on what other people might like rather than what we are good at giving.

Since we can’t always predict what people will like, it’s better to simply offer what we are good at giving.

When we give from this place we are more likely to offer hope rather than just a hollow “how to….” And there is a huge market for hope!

Do you know what you are good at giving? How can you offer us hope in a way that both greets our humanness and helps us move forward?

“I’m human, you’re human, let me greet your humanness. Let’s be people together for a while.” Anne Lamott 

Personal Growth

Do it Afraid – Looking at the Fear That Plagues Us

June 10, 2015



I’m working on a new project, and everyday, even on a good day, I feel fear nagging at my belly and nibbling at my courage.

It jumbles my thoughts, and drifts my visions into the not so courageous category. Into Easier, less risky, guaranteed to please… and work.

Fear really brings a lot of clutter into our heads, have you noticed this? The stupid chatterbox just never shuts up!

It’s the flashing light which catches our eye and flip-flops our attention and intentions. It’s a flat path that lures us down it’s lazy, easy stretch, “this way is easier.” It’s the puddle which we choose to skip over rather than the lake which we know we need to paddle through. It’s also busyness, tiredness, and kids. They are great places to hide!

Fear makes us feel dusty, old, tedious, and pitted. It’s worse than a hacking cough.

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