Are You Born With It? – Part 2

May 23, 2012

This is the second post in the “Are You Born With It” series.

This morning I was listening to Dan Miller on his 48days podcast and he posed a question that immediately caught my attention.

“What happens to a dream when you give up on it?” He said. “Where does it go? Does it disappear? I think it takes up residence in our mind and spirit and then from there, starts to cause problems.”

He went on to pose the idea that health problems, depression, and frustration with a job could all be stemming from a dream that has been rejected or cast aside. Could dreams really be this powerful?

I think he is dead on! Dreams, inspiration and desires are a key part in our wiring as human beings. We were all born with certain abilities, skills, interests, and talents. How we use them and whether we use them is the key.

Using these gifts brings deep satisfaction and fulfillment. Not using them seems to drive people to depression, frustration, and unfulfillment.

I have a friend who has the most compassionate heart of anyone I know. When she was a  young girl, whenever she heard a siren from an ambulance, she would stop whatever she was doing and pray. She couldn’t stand the thought of them possibly dying without making peace with God.

I know this is true because we would often be playing together when she would suddenly stop, upon hearing a siren, and pause to pray.

Today she is still compassionate and it draws people to her. Her compassion overflows into her kids and around the world, and she inspires others to do the same. She blogs here, by the way.

I told that story because wherever she goes, she uses her gifts which coincide with her dreams. If she would constantly deny her heart of this pursuit, I think she would dry up. She thrives on giving, helping, and loving and her life is full because of it.

When we deny our built in desires and dreams any outlet, they don’t just go away. I think we try to bury them with distractions but they continually knock on the door of our hearts, begging to come out.

I think most of us are taught to settle, not push the limits, not pursue our dreams. We are taught to do what is safe, secure, and comfortable and most times our dreams don’t fit into safe, secure, or comfortable.

We are taught to fear the “what ifs” instead of seeking them out and encouraging them.

I am confident everyone and anyone can pursue their dreams, but it takes exactly that, pursuit. Action.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman

Question: What is your take? Have you ever settled for safe, secure and comfortable and pushed your dreams away?

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  • Reply Joe Lalonde May 23, 2012 at 6:36 am

    I also just finished listening to that podcast! Dan made a killer point about dreams and what they do when they’re repressed.

    Settling for the easy and safe will cause issues in your life. You’ll become restless, frustrated, and unhappy. I know I’ve been there and done that.

    • Reply Claudia Good May 23, 2012 at 2:43 pm

      That was a great one wasn’t it Joe?! Really interesting questions and I loved Dan’s responses. Michael and I both really resonate with him and truly appreciate his perspective on live and business.

  • Reply AnnetteDarityGarber May 23, 2012 at 7:09 am

    Yes, Claudia! I definitely believe there is a lot of truth in what Dan is saying here. I think we as human beings are much more fulfilled when we discover our abilities, gifts, and passions and find a way to utilize them in a positive way! You and I have talked about this before, haven’t we? 😉 I found that what I thought would bring me fulfillment (becoming a teacher) actually drains and overwhelms me. So these last few years I have been trying to go deeper and discover my gifts and abilities and how I can use them to be a blessing to those around me and perhaps in the larger world. It is so worth doing this homework! Life seems brighter and the things I am pursuing feel so naturally a part of me. 🙂 So glad you are doing this same thing!

    • Reply Claudia Good May 23, 2012 at 2:44 pm

      Yes, we have talked about this before… just a little bit 😉
      So glad you had the courage and drive to follow your hearts cry.

      You are a world changer my dear friend!

  • Reply Michael Wright May 23, 2012 at 9:12 am

    This is a tough one – I’ve had my nose to the grindstone for so many years, it’s hard to even pull out those kinds of dreams, that I know must be there. I remember daydreaming often about being on stage jamming on guitar in front of thousands at a mega-rock concert in high school – does that count? Hee hee

    • Reply Michael Good May 23, 2012 at 10:52 am

      You’ve mentioned thy you play the guitar and that learned some things from Jamey’s website. Do you still play?

    • Reply Claudia Good May 23, 2012 at 2:53 pm

      You and my Michael have a lot in common! My Michael faced the same struggle… you could ask him, but I think he would say that just doing something to get him out of his rutt and comfort zone and really helped him to think more creatively about what he actually enjoys doing.

      He evaluated his present job and broke down all the aspects of what he did and and analyzed what he did and didn’t enjoy. He then focused in on what he actually enjoyed within his regular job and that gave him something to go on.

      He started a window washing biz and was on the verge of a vending biz till we hit on the guitar business. But what he seems to really enjoy is the setting up and details of starting/running/owning his own business! 😉

      Michael Good… would you say this is correct? 🙂

  • Reply Donna Yates May 23, 2012 at 9:14 am

    Annette, My daughter also pursued her dream of being a fashion designer. After a few years, she has discovered that it too is very draining and not exactly what she thought it would be. She is an amazing designer but is also very talented in teaching others how to be better themselves in whatever they are doing. She is searching right now on how to combine the two so she fills fulfilled and can continue doing what she’s passionate about. Seems alot of us are searching!

    • Reply Claudia Good May 23, 2012 at 3:05 pm

      That is awesome Donna!
      I think that happens to a lot of us… you are right. People go through college or life and realize they like one aspect of what they are doing but not another. Seems to be a refining process and sometimes it seems like certain dreams only last a little bit till they fulfill their intent.

      I love horses… but after school when I started managing a barn, I quickly found out that I loved taking care of the horses, but not the people 😉 I am still figuring out how to pursue that dream.

  • Reply Ann Musico May 23, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    I have most definitely done that. The one person who has taught me the most about just following a dream in your heart and pursuing it even if it changes form slightly – is my son Matthew. He has LOVED baseball since he first hit a ball off a tee. He is an amazing athlete and played all the way through college and even fulfilled a heart’s desire by trying out for a minor league team. He wasn’t invited to go further but loved every minute and even though he is now an admissions counselor for the college he graduated from, he is involved in athletics and recruiting – got his masters in sport management and is successfully blogging for Rising Apple and getting noticed by some professional ball players for his posts. He didn’t allow the dream to die – he has allowed it to transform and I’m so proud that he has pursued what God put in him. He teaches me every day!

    • Reply Donna Yates May 23, 2012 at 1:04 pm


      I love the way you say that your son allowed his dream to be “transformed”. Maybe that’s what we’re all looking for when we have a dream but just don’t feel like the way we are doing it or pursuing it is working. You’ve definitely given me something to think about! Thanks.


    • Reply Claudia Good May 23, 2012 at 10:34 pm

      I love this story about your son!! Michael has a passion in him that will not be stopped 🙂 I bet it makes your heart so proud to see your child doing something that he enjoys so much!

      • Reply Ann Musico May 24, 2012 at 5:14 am

        Oh it really does make me so proud!!

  • Reply Kent Julian May 24, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    Absolutely. If I could do one thing differently, it would have been to jump into what I’m doing now earlier than I did. At the same time, I try not to get stuck in the past. What is…is. Can’t change it. I can only learn from it and live it forward!

    • Reply Claudia Good May 25, 2012 at 12:59 pm

      Me too Kent…
      Yes, what is…is…

      Here’s to living it forward indeed!

      Always inspired by your example of doing just that by the way! I heard the speak it forward boot camp was a smashing success 🙂 Rob Clinton has been super pumped!

      • Reply Kent Julian May 25, 2012 at 2:13 pm

        It was an amazing! Looking forward to having Michael and you join us!

  • Reply Ryan Ash June 13, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    So good, Claudia!

    I especially love this…”I think most of us are taught to settle, not push the limits, not pursue our dreams. We are taught to do what is safe, secure, and comfortable and most times our dreams don’t fit into safe, secure, or comfortable.”

    I just read something yesterday condoning the use of anti-depressants among Christians. There are certainly cases where they may be justified, but for the most part, I believe, that they’re largely used because people are trying to conform to the wishes/desires of those around them rather than having the courage to live their life in such a way that they’re utilizing their God-given strengths. Just my opinion, though.

    • Reply Claudia Good June 19, 2012 at 5:15 pm

      Hmmmm – I like that thought Ryan. I think you are definitely on to something there!

      I know ! We are not taught to push the limits… just stay inside them and make the best of it. Caged thinking… 

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