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New Book

A few months ago I picked up a book that caught my eye in an art store. It was an adult coloring book full of botanical pen and ink drawings. I couldn’t put it down, I LOVED it! After leaving the store I kept…

December 6, 2015
Entrepreneurship Living Intentionally

A Market for Hope

  Sometimes when we are looking, creating and building, we get more focused on what other people might like rather than what we are good at giving. Since we can’t always predict what people will like, it’s better to simply offer what we are…

June 12, 2015
Entrepreneurship Personal Growth

Here’s the scoop

Friends, we realize it has been a while since we have posted here, and we wanted to give you a little update. It has been a really adventurous start to 2015 for us!!! We feel more encouraged about this year than ever! At the beginning…

February 6, 2015