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Living Intentionally

Living Intentionally

Super Powers

While watching a documentary called Life with my son, I became fascinated by the superpowers animals seem to have. For instance, I found my mouth gaping open watching a pebble toad literally bounce down the wall of a stone cliff to escape a tarantula attack, it’s body ricochetting off…

December 9, 2015
creativity Living Intentionally writing

No Space for Magic

Have you ever sat down to write only to to find your so concerned with writing right that the deep words don’t even make it to the surface? I have. There is no rush of healing, no revelation when the deep words (the real ones)…

November 15, 2015
Living Intentionally Personal Growth

The Wound

Perhaps someone said something mean about what you were creating, or, someone you loved simply didn’t pay attention. It made what you were creating feel worthless, pointless, childish, dumb. Now you’ve hidden that part away. Set it as far away as humanly possible. The…

October 9, 2015
Living Intentionally Personal Growth

Permission to Move

We really just want permission in order to move don’t we? Am I doing the right thing? Is it ok to decide I WANT something and go for it? What if this doesn’t work? The problem with the permission slip is it also give us…

September 26, 2015
Living Intentionally

Flying too High

Here is something I find fascinating: we are taught not to fly too low (better to get A’s than C’s, better a job we hate that pays well, than a job that doesn’t pay well) but it also seems we are taught (and fiercely…

September 14, 2015
Living Intentionally

The Problem With Small

I’ve been facing a lot of fear and shame lately. Mainly, because I’ve been trying new things (and by now I’ve seen a pattern, every time I try something new, I face both) but also because fear and shame come out in almost every conversation I have with…

September 3, 2015
Living Intentionally

I’m Gonna do Everything!!!

While tucking my son into bed recently, I asked him if he had any new plans for when he grows up (it’s been on his 3 year old mind a lot lately!). His super enthusiastic response was, “I’m gonna do EVERYTHING mom!!!” (he’s got the striped…

August 24, 2015
Entrepreneurship Living Intentionally

A Market for Hope

  Sometimes when we are looking, creating and building, we get more focused on what other people might like rather than what we are good at giving. Since we can’t always predict what people will like, it’s better to simply offer what we are…

June 12, 2015