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December 19, 2013


During your day, do you focus more on what you want to happen, or what you don’t want to happen? The difference can be very slight, but extremely powerful.

For instance, do you focus on wanting to be on time for work, or not wanting to be late? Speaking kindly to your children, or not wanting to speak unkindly? Becoming more organized, or not wanting to be continually disorganized? Most of us fall into the latter category. We focus on what we do not want to happen.

The sad part however is this: whatever we focus on, increases.

If we focus on not wanting to be late, we are more likely to be late. If we focus on not wanting to yell at our children, we are more likely to yell, and so on.

Our minds are extremely powerful tools. With them, whether we realize it or not, we create our worlds by choosing the thoughts we focus on.

Most of us need a thought-revamp from time to time. So, decide from this day forward to focus on what you want to happen, not what you don’t want to happen and get yourself moving in a new direction!

Could you change your life by changing your thought patterns? You betcha!

Photo Credit: Nina Matthews Photography via Compfight cc

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  • Reply Ann Musico December 19, 2013 at 7:25 am

    Claudia – we all know this on some level but how often we forget and slip into the negative default thinking! Even when I tell clients to create faith affirmations I always tell them make them positive, what you want to be doing, in the present tense if you are able to believe it now. Otherwise add a phrase like I want to… or I can learn to… Such a small change that will make such a big difference. Great post and great reminder to focus on what we want to increase!!

    • Reply Claudia Good December 19, 2013 at 1:53 pm

      I know Ann! So very true – sometimes it is so tricky to keep track of the way our thoughts take us – but it is soooo important! Love that you help your clients in this way, what a gift!

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