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One of the Best Questions I’ve Ever Heard

July 9, 2015


So much clarity is gained when we ask great questions.

Here’s a really awesome one (I heard it here).


This question can be applied to different areas of life, but let’s apply it to that brave thing you are thinking about doing. If you could answer this question, would it give you more clarity and confidence?

Yes and YES!

What I like about this question is it puts the human back into spreading a message. It puts a heart in your head, and raises the value of what it looks like to help people. Everyone loves a hero.

A hero does brave work and throws her whole heart and soul in.

Rather than the phrase, Who is your target market, (which makes me picture people with bulls-eye heads and you with a bow and arrow, poised to shoot), Who do you want to be a hero to feels skin covered, heart filled, and human.

We like heart filled humans.

Who do you want to be a hero to, pulls at something beautiful and noble inside of us, the part of us that LONGS to do something BRAVE and GENEROUS. It gives us the permission to do exactly that, because that’s what heros do.

So, there it sits, the awesome question: Who do you want to be a hero to?

What is your answer?

>>> Perhaps a long, quiet space to think and write is in order. 😉


Journeying with you!


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  • Ann Musico July 9, 2015 at 9:46 am

    I LOVE this question!! Who do I want to be a hero to? Women from 25 up – who want to lose weight and be healthy; who want to set a good example for their families and help them get healthier – I love the ladies because I understand us!

    • Claudia Good July 9, 2015 at 1:00 pm

      I love your clarity Ann!