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Super Powers

December 9, 2015

While watching a documentary called Life with my son, I became fascinated by the superpowers animals seem to have.

For instance, I found my mouth gaping open watching a pebble toad literally bounce down the wall of a stone cliff to escape a tarantula attack, it’s body ricochetting off of rocks like a pebble!

Or watching the Jesus Christ lizard literally run across water to escape an attack (that that would be a cool power!)

Or, a baby duck leaping from it’s nest at the top of a ginormous tree, using the leaves below as a trampoline.

Amazing stuff!

It made me ponder what superpowers we have as humans. No, we wouldn’t survive if we tried to tumble down a rock cliff, our super powers are slightly different. But sometimes our thinking head gets in our way and we forget that we have any superpowers at all. Most humans tend think of themselves as neither super nor powerful, which is a not one bit true.


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