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Why Are You Throwing Your Idea Away?

Most people throw out an idea before it is ever give a chance to reach it’s full potential. Ideas, like plants, need time to grow. They need to be planted and cultivated. They need to be cared for and given a healthy environment in which…

August 21, 2012

The Lighter Side: 3 Crazy Business Ideas

Stumped for ideas for your make-it-big business? These 3 businesses should help get the juices flowing. 1. The Million Dollar Homepage Alex Tew created a homepage and decided to sell 1 million pixels at a dollar a piece. He got a ton of press and…

August 4, 2012

Ideas Are Darn Slippery!

Ideas are slippery little things, they escape from your mind like a wet bar of soap squirts out of your hand. They will come and go much like a summer thunderstorm. Capture them! Write them down! All it takes is one idea, one way of making something work.…

May 22, 2012

Supercharge Your Thinking For New Ideas

Want to generate some radically new ideas for your life? Doing what you’ve always done isn’t going to cut it. Here’s an approach I came across in an article written by Dan Sullivan. Take any goal you have and multiply it by 10. Recently, I been thinking…

May 15, 2012

Trellis Making Complete

I made my trellis today! It turned out really well. It’s a little crooked, but hey, who isn’t? I seriously love making things! I get such joy from creating! Question: What brings you joy?…

March 20, 2012